martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

The last post

Con este trabajo donde se hizo un post por semana me ayudo a atreverme a practicar mi escritura, que como se muestra en los anteriores escritos, no son perfectos al contrario, tiene algunos errores, pero estos son testimonios que con la práctica se van puliendo lo que uno se propone a hacer en este caso a escribir.

My hobbie

This post has a changes to try the fix the mistikes

The word hobbie for me , means that is the more important thing, any person would do because they do it not for obligation, becausethey enjoy to do it. For example, talking on the phone, watch tv , fix a computer, walk every day, do a special sport etc.

My personal example has to do with cars.
I don´t know a lot of cars but I try to read topics about them.
I like to know superficial things , I like to know prices, about their motor etc.

I like beautiful cars and any brand such as Jeep, GMC, Nissan, etc. But sincerely, I love the Volkswagen especially the GTi models. The five GTi models are very beautiful and exclusive.

I don´t only like the cars, but how they perform, with the euro style.
In Mexico the euro style isn´t enough popular but I know little by little it will be popular .
The caracteristics of euro is that the cars have a a performance in their motors suspension etc. , but this isn´t all this changes is wtih a lot of quality parts and good sence to modificate cars because is nothing easy.
The picture with the black GTi is an example of a good euro style.

lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008

Vochorama part 2

The adventure stared, all people was ready to make this big traveled.

My friend stared driving but he drive very very slow and the other friend drive no to fast but

acceptable. In the first 15 minuts we lost my others friends was very worried for me and the music in the car was terrible. I diced to sleep all travel arrived to Guadalajara at 7 pm more o less . Searching the hotel , where the participate will sleep, We lost in Guadalajara, afortunally my friens has nextel and was very easy to communicate with friend in Guadalajara this form and asking a people on the street finally found the hotel. When we arrived a few car was there was very interesting see cars of others states and the cars was very beutifuls. The afternoon was passed the sun was down but the interested was the car minutes by minutes were arrived oooohh¡¡¡¡¡ that was very very nice and interest.
In the night fianally meet a friend of the west side club of the Mexico city was very interesting because we only know about them in the forums and theirs nicks.
The day of the competition comming and finally meet the other friend of the west side, we attends our like a brother all of our dressed the t-shirt of west side was very easy to identifate the other friend the others states .
In the place of the events were a lot of cars more o less five hundred and really cars very good car olds, news, a lot of type of models. ......... to be continues......

Vochoroma Guadalajara

The vochorama is an event of cars in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, each by each celebrate on september 15, this year was the twelve. This evennt refer to a competion were the participate

show his cars obviosly volkswagen any type any model, but with euro style. Some people didn´t see it like a competion, see the event like a place to meet people because all are vokswagen lovers and the event is international.

This year I could go to the event I didn´t participate because my car wasn´t finished.But was icredible to was there. I trabaled with a friend with a vw golf mk4 for doors with 2.0 l engeen, the adventure stared the friday 11 around the 4 am my friend pick up me in my house, I was very very sleeping, then like 5 pm we meet other friends George in his jetta vr6, Manuel in his jetta a3 and Fito in his GTi vr6.
An the adventure stared...... to continue

The west side club


what is that?

I will tell you waht is that.

West side club is a group of volkswagen lovers but with a common

style " the euro style" this means that the cars are caracteristics

like the europeans cars.

This club of cars begon like a dream of a boy in Tijuana México

this is the reason of its name.

Litle by litle the club was grew up. Others cities like Mexico state, Guadalajara etc.

Tampico wasn´t the exception, here was a euro club called Street racing with the same style of

west side, then the street racing´s members dicided to chage a west side members the reason was to be better and national team.

The west side club the site where the members have contact in onthe net in a page with diferents section forums, gallery areas etc.

Here the memebers write about the modification of his cars or something like that.

It is very instesting and motivate for me.

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008

The university

I remenber when a was a child heard about the UAT. I didn´t know what was it??.

I remember too that the a bus that my father and I took,to go to sam´s club, across in the middle to the universiry.

Today this is inposible beacuse any bus and taxis can enter to the universiry for students´security.

On agust 2006 changed my life and see the university of other focus.

In the beginig the university´s place was very big for me some times some places I didn´t know where there were them. Litle by litle I stared to know the university completly.

Today I am in fith grade in the carrier " idioma ingles in "unidad academica de ciencias juridicas y sociales".

This is close to the last entry.

This carrier has a succesful future in Tamaulipas because everypeople know that this state is one the best state talking about education because is the only state in Mexico with a bilingual education.

My high school

When I think about my high school, is soo funny but
I have good and bad memories.

To talk about my high school is remembered a lo of
type of moments in my life because is a big change and moments
that you should choose a big desitions.

I was in the Cbtis 103 a great school the best of Tamulipas.
I was there from agust 2003 to agust 2006 in electronic workshop.

The classes were some difficult because the enginers were very inteligent but some of them didn´t teach well because didn´t have apreparation to teach their knowlage.

All students in my group were mens, this for the teachers was very difficult because
all people know that the mens are more desorganice that the girls. But when We should work, we work very hard. We were very responsability to do the projects.

Is very nice remembered all situation.

Now in the university know other people but in very nice following talk with my old friends
of the high school.